To help companies with fewer than 50 employees and the self-employed to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 at work, the Health Insurance - Occupational Risks offers the "COVID Prevention" subsidy. If you have invested since March 14 or plan to invest in protective equipment, benefit from a subsidy of up to 50% of your investment.


"COVID Prevention" is intended for companies with 1 to 49 employees and self-employed workers (without employees) dependent on the general scheme, excluding establishments covered by the territorial public service or the hospital public service. The list specifying the eligibility criteria is included in the general conditions for granting aid.


"COVID prevention" concerns purchases or rentals made from March 14 to July 31, 2020. The subsidy corresponds to an amount of 50% of the tax-free investment made by companies and self-employed workers without employees for the purchase of equipment COVID-19 protection. The granting of this subsidy is subject to a minimum investment amount of € 1000 excluding tax for a company with employees and € 500 excluding tax for a self-employed person without employees. The amount of the subsidy granted is capped at € 5,000 for the two categories.

Equipment and installations financed:

- Barrier and social distancing measures

Equipment to isolate the workstation from contact with customers or the public: installation of glass, plexiglass, partition walls, tarpaulins, fixed or mobile screens.
Equipment to guide and enforce distances:

- Guides files,
- Posts and grids,
- Wall hooks,
- Removable barriers,
- Associated cords and straps,
- Trolleys to transport the posts,
- Grids, barriers, cords.
- Additional and temporary premises to respect distances: assembly and disassembly and 4 months of rental.
- Measures allowing visual communication: screens, tables, poster support, posters. Single-use items (scotches, paints, ribbons, plastic films, paperboard refills, pencils, markers, etc.) are not supported.

- Hygiene and cleaning measures:

- Permanent installations for washing hands and bodies: for showers, taking care of the equipment installed and the plumbing work necessary for the installation,

- Temporary and additional facilities such as toilets / sinks / showers: installation, removal and 4 months rental.
Note: Masks, hydro-alcoholic gels and visors are only funded if the company has also invested in, at least, one of the barrier and social distancing measures listed above. Gloves and wipes are not part of the subsidized material.

Source: for companies.