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Hand sanitizer

Antibacterial gel: Keep hands clean at all times!

Hydroalcoholic gels is the most effective solution for disinfecting your hands, wherever you are, at home, at work, in the metro, at school, etc.

Our hydroalcoholic gels have the advantage of not requiring water or a towel. Apply a small amount of antibacterial gel and rub your hands for 30 seconds and you will eliminate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria!

Convenient and easy to use, our range of hydroalcoholic gels is varied and includes several formats.

Find in particular our individual hydroalcoholic gel format (3ml) and pocket (20ml, 60ml), they will easily accompany you in your daily life both at home and on the go.

We have also thought of large areas, such as stores, supermarkets and especially hospitals and public places, this is why we are developing larger hydroalcoholic gel formats (500ml, 1L).

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